Join a Committee

We are looking for volunteers to join one of the following committees. Committee members are not required to have lived experience in care:

Research & Education: The key focus of this committee is to encourage full access to education for all youth in/from care.

  • Provincial assessment of what each province offers
  • Provincial comparison
  • Administer Ken Dryden Scholarship
  • Connect youth in care to educational support programs and resources
Membership: The key focus of this committee is to oversee the process of bringing in new members, designing membership kits, and maintaining our membership database.  The following are a list of responsibilities of this committee.
  • Initial contact with new members
  • Perks of membership at different levels
  • Partnerships with external organizations 
  • Renew our memberships with organizations
  • Member inventory (gains and losses)
  • Member birthday shout-outs

Finance & Fund Development: The key focus of this committee is to oversee the financial health of the organization.
  • Review financial documents
  • Review and update YICC's annual budget
  • Devise strategies to diversify funding and set membership fees
  • Review previous grants and proposals
  • Review monthly statements and YICC's budget

Communications: The key focus of this committee is to oversee how YICC communicates with its members and stakeholders.
  • Maintain the YICC website
  • Maintain YICC's Social Media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • E-Networker, Newsletter, Magazine
  • Internal communications (emails, drop box)
  • Provide consistent messages among our various internet platforms
  • Promotion and marketing of YICC
  • Nurture relationships with organizations

Each committee meets once per month for approximately 2 hours.  Committee meetings are held via conference call, Skype or Google Hangouts.  

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please click here to fill out the Committee Member Application Form and send it to: